Investment strategy

RMS Mezzanine, a.s. invests in successful small- and medium-sized companies with a long-term potential of growth. Companies applying for funds should meet the following criteria:


  • are well-established in their branch
  • have a strong management team with provable results
  • have a clear long-term strategy for the future
  • have competitive advantages
  • have a stable (or increasing) share in the market

The strategy of RMS Mezzanine, a.s. is based on long-term experience of our team in financial investments in the region and the fact that many providers of non-bank and mezzanine funding operate in Western Europe, however, not in our region.
RMS Mezzanine, a.s. provides capital to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Capital provided by us comprises mainly a subordinated loan or equity or classic loan, if required with regard to the project structure, so that RMS Mezzanine may participate in a successful project and simultaneously enjoy the advantages of the loan security.

We do not specialize in any sector, but we prefer investments in companies operating in the following branches:


  • energy
  • production enterprises
  • services
  • health care
  • telecommunications/media
  • retail
  • construction industry/real estate

Our typical investment €1 – 5 million.