About us

RMS Mezzanine, a.s. (“RMS Mezzanine”) is a traditional Czech company listed on the Prague Stock Exchange. We specialize in providing capital to small- and medium-sized companies in situations when banks do not provide funds on various grounds. We also invest in minor and major ownership interests in companies whose internal value is expected to grow significantly.

Thanks to capital which is mostly provided by us in the form of a subordinated loan (mezzanine) our clients may develop their activities. Our philosophy is to be a rapid and flexible partner for clients who need funds for their, mainly development, activities. As an independent company we can react more rapidly than banks. However, we assess each investment possibility based on an in-depth audit and we also thoroughly observe our internal investment and decision-making procedures.

The company management (share in excess of 87 percent) is the major shareholder in our company, other shares are held by institutions and individual investors. In 2009 we recorded net profit of CZK 44.9 million and our equity exceeds CZK 1.3 billion.